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Hitpro Max ERP : Best Choice Why?

  • HITPRO MAX is Customer Centric! HITPRO MAX can be customized as per the specific requirements of the customer. A base ERP system to support your vertical applications. Make your own fully customizable ERP system. An ERP system for geographically-dispersed companies.
  • HITPRO MAX is Multi Capable! HITPRO MAX is a multi capable system with Multi-Company, Multi-Division, Multi-Department, Multi-Tier, Multi-Warehouse, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language support.
  • HITPRO MAX is a Global Product! HITPRO MAX is a global product with GAAP, Globally Accepted Accounting Principles, IAS, International Accounting Standards & IFRS, International Financial Reporting Standards compliance features.
  • HITPRO MAX is Scalable and Adaptable! HITPRO MAX can run the entire application on one server or run each layer on its own server or split the application across multiple servers.
  • Increase Employee & Sales Productivity! HITPRO MAX allows all of your employees to enter and share company data concurrently in real-time across town or across the world! Enter orders and check inventory from the field using a web browser or a Smart Phone!
  • Make Better Management Decisions Faster! HITPRO MAX operates in real-time, so you always have the fastest access to the latest company data! Quickly spot trends and always have the latest information to help you make the best decisions! Produce real-time financial statements!
  • The Last Accounting & ERP System Ever Need To Buy! HITPRO MAX will scale with your organization by simply adding inexpensive servers to the configuration, means your investment is protected. There are no per server or per processor licensing or pricing, and nothing more to buy.
  • Easy to Administer, Widely-Used Platform! HITPRO MAX runs on Microsoft Windows 2003 or greater servers, which are easy and straightforward to administer and maintain, easy to perform and validate system backups, and allow you to take advantage of Microsoft's built-in replication, scalability, clustering, and multi-processor features at the most costeffective price available!
  • Customer-Centric & Automated! HITPRO MAX comes with modules that help you connect with the people most important to your company. An Integrated Web-Based CRM System helps you keep in contact with your potential customers while an Integrated Web-Based Shopping Cart allows you to convert your leads to customers, and an Integrated Web Based Support System helps you keep your customers!
  • Cost Effective Solution! There are no third party components or controls used in the software, so there is nothing additional to buy. Compared to any other ERP products in the market, HITPRO MAX is the very cost effective solution as per the company’s budget.