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Hitpro Max ERP : Unique Highlights

  • Latest Microsoft Dot Net Technology allows operating with two user interfaces (a Desktop Interface & a Web Interface) against the same set of Web Services and Accounting Engine.
  • The Multi-Tier Design allows for Unlimited Scalability where you can run the entire application on one server or run each layer on its own server or split the application across multiple servers.
  • There are No Third Party Components or controls used in the software, so there is nothing additional to buy. Data is protected and the Security Safeguards in the system allows only the enterprise client to access the application.
  • The system has a complete Audit Trail which keeps tracks of every change to every field and keeps History of all transactions.Transactions within the system are treated as Legal Documents and therefore cannot be edited or deleted once posted to General Ledger.
  • The system supports the separation of Business Functions, means, that the employees entering bills can't also print cheques, and the people ordering goods can't also receive goods etc.,
  • The system supports a Purchase Approval Process & Payments Approval Process, based on the defined authorization workflow.
  • The system works with SQL Server Express (the FREE Database Version from Microsoft) which connects natively with thousands of third party Data Warehousing Tools & Systems!
  • New Language Translation Engine, supports any number of languages, translations done on the fly and user has the ability to add their own language, or edit the provided translations.
  • Greatly reduced number of post backs to the client and eliminate a lot of the un-necessary form refreshes. The Client call back functions support Prevents Page Flicker.
  • Simple User Interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate. Supports various models of VAT Taxation that allows the software to be used globally.
  • The system supports complete Customization in each level in the Accounting and Reporting Engine and changes and enhancements done quickly as per the requirements.
  • The system has a Memorization feature, where the important and frequent transaction can be saved and new documents can be created quickly based on the memorized transactions.
  • Advanced Web Based Reports generation engine create reports for the screen, printer or output them directly into Microsoft Excel and Graph for further analysis and many more output options including Emails.